It’s your vision.
We help you make it reality.
We are a team of experts on a mission to help entrepreneurs bring their ideas to fruition. Our experience in research, design, development, and strategy gives you the perspective to see what others can’t and take your business to the next level.
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We’ve built our business by helping other entrepreneurs launch theirs.

Our Team

To be the strong strategic partner your business needs, we recruit top talent that can handle the difficult and unforeseen problems facing developing businesses.
We’ve assembled a group of individuals that know the code, do the design,and can see the future. By combining expertise across multiple disciplines we become a holistic partner in the success of your business. Let our team become your team so we can take what’s possible and make it real.

Meet Our Leadership

Thomas Kane
System Architecture
“I’ve worked with every language out there, including English! One of our greatest skillsets is communicating the complexities of software development in a way that matches your vision.”
Charles Martin
Head of Strategy
“Results come from a process that is measured, adaptable, and reproducible. It’s my job to lead our team in a process that works for your business.”

Our Expertise. Your Business.

Systems Architecture

Building a great product is about more than designing features. We help you create a technology infrastructure and data model that supports a functional, seamless experience.

Growth Strategy

Your success requires knowing what to do and when. By helping you understand your business better, we co-create a strategy to grow into the future and claim your piece of the market.

Design Strategy

Design thinking should be at the heart of your business. We believe that research, validation, and visual design should all work together to make your product better every day.

Custom Development

Your company and your product is unique. Your technology should be too. We oversee development teams of all sizes to build products that perfectly fit the needs of your business.
Our clients use technology to change the landscape of what’s possible.
The social listening app that revolutionizes the way people share and experience music.
Flux Bucket became an integral part of the early EarBuds team. See how we helped them develop the research and data strategy that informed their design and brought their product to market.
“Flux Bucket was fully bought in to our success. They have expertise, they’re innovative, and they care. Finding a team with all of those qualities is a hard thing to do.”
- Jason Fox, CEO and Founder
Leveraging the power of technology to teach people music and help kids in the foster care system.
See how Flux Bucket helped Care2Rock completely redevelop the technology infrastructure that allowed their business and their mission to go forward.
“My whole goal with this company is connecting people through music. Thanks to Flux Bucket, the technology is in place so we can scale and impact more lives.”
- Karyn Smith, CEO and Founder

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