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Since 2016, we’ve helped founders build engaging products by pairing expert engineering with a holistic approach to creating software that embraces business strategy, design, and project management.  Our nimble, dedicated crew becomes your outsourced team so you can move quickly and feel confident about the direction of your product. Early-stage companies choose us because we’re more than a body shop — we’re your partner and an advocate for your business. We’ll be here figuring it out together, learning, testing, and building the absolute best version of your idea.

We believe that...

We believe that...

Your success is our success.

When our clients succeed, we succeed.  Simple.  This means doing our work and setting up our relationship relative to the best interests of your business.

Good relationships foster good business.

Technology starts and ends with people, so we invest in our client relationships the same way we invest in our teams: with respect, honesty, and quality communication.

Your technology decisions today are the destiny of your business tomorrow.

Poor technology decisions while developing a product can be fatal.  Embracing this means doing things the right way and thinking for the long-term, even in the early stages.

This can be fun...really.

Launching the next great technology business doesn’t have to mean hating your life.  We’ve found that there are ways to work smarter, not harder.  If you let yourself, you may actually enjoy the process :)

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Our secret sauce is a talented team of professionals that love building technology and love working together.

Colin Van Ert
Partner, Head of Product & Design

Denver, Colorado

Design evangelist, business heretic, trains jiu jitsu (he’s decent, getting better), likes to travel, enjoys most foods but doesn’t like pickles

Thomas Kane
Co-Founder, Head of Technology

Austin, Texas

Architectural engineer turned software engineer turned systems architect, best singer at Flux Bucket (Charles doesn’t want to admit it), has a dog named Pickles (Colin likes Pickles)

Charles Martin
Co-Founder, CEO

Austin, Texas

Lead singer of Flux Bucket, seasoned product professional, unconvinced that Thomas can sing better than him, used to have hair down to his shoulders, it’s much shorter now

Varun Mehta
Lead Developer

Raleigh, North Carolina

Code samurai, father of two boys, loves Tool, excited about what the Olympics can do for the sport of skateboarding, not a skateboarder

Anne Barkett
Lead Visual Designer

Woodstock, Maryland

UI triple-threat; artist, designer & front-end dev, mother, homesteader, has trained jiu jitsu longer than Colin, will stay at Flux Bucket as long as we keep letting her play with colors

Fanel Dabija

Chișinău, Moldova

Aka “Super Fanel”, full-stack pro, father, stays up late to talk to you on the phone, developer with opinions about your UX (they’re good)

Angelica Rollins
Operations Manager

Springfield, Oregon

Accountant turned operations whiz, director behind the scenes at Flux Bucket, writes screenplays in her own time, the muscle of the org, from the real Springfield (so they say...)

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Our Tools

Our Tools

We know how to use a lot of different tools when building software.  
Here are a few of our favorites:

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